Monday, December 03, 2007

Imus Back! Yeah..... So What?

Don Imus ... the legend in his own mind who got raped by the professional expediters of outrage Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton .... (among others) got back to work today .
Started of with a press conference and of course the 'de rigeur' outrageous comment for no other reason than just to draw attention to himself.

He commented that things were still pretty much the same since he left radio.....
"Dick Cheney is STILL a war criminal" he says...
"Hillary Clinton is STILL Satan" according to Imus ....
And of course caps it all of with the OH SO Clever "And I'm still on radio" .... Yeah Right Don.
Three out of three thing you got very wrong ....
Hillary was never Satan ---- she's merely a Harpy! And you're not STILL on radio ... you're Just Back for a while...... may your career be measured in small numbers of days.

File this one under useless gasbags!

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