Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday Tech Stuff!

" .... Bad things happen in threes. First there was the Storm botnet, then Celebrity and now — according to – Nugache. "

Great ... more stinkin' updates coming from Microsqish .........

However, Since so many of us have invested so much time Windows XP and microsquish plans to stop support as of June this year..... there's a movement to force MS to continue support.

If you like me are tired of playing this stupid game of buying a half baked product and then dealing with years of patches. fixes and updates that should have been looked after in the first place .... if you do not want to be forced indoing it all over again now that XP is mostly stabilized ... if you're tired of this cycle of abuse by MS .... then get on board at Save XP .

Seems reasonable to me that after putting the world through 6 years of freeking grief with this product that the SOB's can damned well live with the consequences of supporting it as long as the customers want that support.





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