Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ok! Here's Some Local Stuff!

In my ongoing theme about how lame and set in their own world view our media are... constantly falling back trite themes and conflating irrelevant minutiae to stretch a story and reinforce their pet themes.

There's the recent story about a young woman who was speeding on a known dangerous stretch of road which just happened to be a bridge. The woman happened to be driving a Jeep Liberty.

There happened to be a pile of snow from road clearing that made a sloped embankment against the bridge rails. Oh yes ... the woman happened to be related to someone who might be recognized in the news because she was an athlete.

Now the prime fact in this story is that you had a 23 year old person who ignored the posted warnings about icing conditions on a piece of road that is well known to be dangerous in winter.
Sheer stupidity and lack of judgement. Lucky for her the other significant fact in this story was that the person she was passing when she lost control of her vehicle happened to be a trained emergency worker who knew how to respond.

I won't even dignify this screw up on Klassens part by calling it an accident! Speeding in unsafe conditions is reckless driving and losing control is the consequence of bad judgement and incompetence as a driver.

Now strip away the conflations and hyperbole in the stories and the headlines in the MSM reports.
Headline CNews - Cindy Klassens Sister Rescued : Who her sister is has no bearing on the facts of the story.
Headline CBC News - Snowbank May Have Contributed to Cars Fall.... : Probably the least significant factor in this matter since the snowbanks would never have been hit by a driver in control of their vehicle.

Other headlines from the media included things like "SUV Plunges From Bridge" and "Woman Rescued from SUV".
As if the vehicle was responsible for driving itself and attacking the driver!
In the contents of every report the Term SUV is used for no particular reason.
As the MSM writers default on the theme that "SUV" the official Label for politically Incorrect vehicle and focus of contempt by the liberal smug and the envious have nots of our society.
In one report the writer felt that it was necessary to talk about another relatives jazz group.

Just for the record I do consider this story NEWS in the true sense. An event like this needs to be reported and the public needs to consider the causes and the ramifications. This could happen to you or your kids or anyone you know. People obviously need to be reminded of the potential consequences of irresponsible driving. Add to that fact the dramatic nature of the rescue and what else does a reporter or editor need? Well obviously the media types need to add whatever their limited imaginations can provide.

But ...... the way it is reported for the most part is pure crap. The stuff of clueless and not very bright rubes without enough sense to recognize their own limitations.

Reporters, writers and editors need to get a clue about what is actually important as opposed to gratuitous and nonsensical irrelevancies that they view as "making a story".

Just ONE of the many things that is wrong with the MSM!

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