Thursday, June 05, 2008

CTV - Covers The Stanly Cup and Other Stuff !

On air newsreader Omar informs us that the "Connie Smith" trophy for MVP goes to ..... Henrik Zetterberg .

Yes he said it on air ... Connie Smith !!

Later On CTV ....

Seamus talks about the Zytaruk tape doctoring.
Not using that term though ( it's the Cadman affair to them)

Following up the interview with James Moore, Domenic Leblanc LIberal foreign affairs critic (whoops Seamus It's Intergovernmental Affairs) is interviewed by Seamus.

Leblanc claims the Conservatives are trying to change the channel !
Seamus does his best to question PM Harper's honesty and tries to lay the blame for doctoring the tape on them .... no such attempts to question the statements of Leblanc as he spins his response and attempts to conflate the Bernier issue with the Cadman flummery!
One question .. ORegan asks if the LIbs are going to use the tape. Leblanc says why not? CTV uses it! Yep .... they sure do.

CTV Link

CTV ... keeping you informed.





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