Saturday, July 19, 2008

When They Run Out of Peugots ?

First - as I was watching the Tour de France I noticed that several vehicles had burnt to the ground along the 182km route from Narbonne to Nimes. The sports commentators of course had no thoughts on what was going on ... but I had an idea of what MIGHT be behind the incineration.

Then - I noticed Joe Noory at !NoPasaran! who had some thoughts on the gallic celebration of Liberte' ....

The July 14 festivities were glazed many incidents, including in Ile-de-France. On Monday night, 295 cars were set ablaze in the country bringing to nearly 600 the number of vehicles damaged in two days.

As with the previous night, the night of the 14th gave rise to numerous incidents and many skirmishes between youths and police. 295 vehicles were burned in France, including 150 in Ile-de-France and 145 elsewhere in the country. The figures for the previous night showed 297 cars were torched.

In two days, nearly 600 vehicles were burned and a total of 219 people were arrested.

Fwance ...... Eh?


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