Thursday, August 07, 2008

Some Days You Just Have To Pack It In .....

Take off .... get out of Dodge ..... Sheesh! What a freekin calamity we're living through.

Luckily for me I've got a Friend or Two and today that's Shere Khan ... who's been soaking his feet in the Brokenhead River just an hour's drive from here.
And so ... it was into the truck and off to the Great Woods park and campgrounds.....

Well a couple of hours and a couple of beers .... a little tour around the grounds and we're in a better frame of mind ....

Thanks Shere !

It's a good thing I did come home .... been about 40 years since I disappeared from home and came back after a four day concert!!!





Blogger Shere Khan said...

Drop by any time OMMAG, the door is always open!

Thursday and Friday night's sessions weren't too bad, but Saturday completely rocked! Savoy Brown (Austin Powers meets Chuck Berry) had the campground completely funky), and the fantastic fireworks show was only surpassed but the sparkling hues of the Aurora that dropped in in light up the sky (I haven't seen the Northen Lights that intense since I lived up north).

Two of Saturday's acts got turned back at the border, so the last set of the evening consisted of members from three acts on stage grinding out blues jams.

Fantastic! Next year, ya gotta come for Saturday and stay for the show!!

8/12/2008 5:48 a.m.  

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