Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Technology - Wireless Power !!

Shades of Nikola Tesla !!

Supported by over a hundred years of interim development and technological progress Intel has announced the development of
Wireless Power ... !

Whereas back in the 19th century the prolific researcher and inventor of numerous applications for electrical and magnetic energy Nikola Tesla was leading the bleeding edge of technology development.

Tesla's experiments proved to be less than convincing at the time and really scared the pants off a lot of people. There are numerous stories of how he was the victim of conspiracies led by foes Marconi and Edison as well as their subsequent corporations who it is claimed by some wished to suppress Tesla's creations and discredit his ideas and character.

Whatever the reasons He died relatively poor and in some eyes disgraced. His dream of delivering "Broadcast Power" every where on the planet crushed.

Some Background on "Wireless Energy Transfer "

Wikipedia Bio on Tesla

The interesting thing I see in the Intel description is their building on the idea of "Resonance"!

Resonance and relativity and unified field theories were a large part of Nikola Tesla's foundational thought and research!

Wireless power may be an idea whose time has come and maybe thanks to Intel researchers for carrying out this development.

But let's not forget Nikola Tesla who laid the foundation for this and many other developments in science and engineering!

More Nikola:

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Blogger combizs said...

This is interesting, I always love hearing about Tesla!

My buddy actually works for a company called PowerBeam, and they actually transfer electricity via optical energy.

Just like Tesla, they too can transfer energy over long-range distances... but its not quite the 'Tesla Effect.'

He mainly used radiowaves whereas PowerBeam use laser beams,a different frequency of energy.

I'm not sure how different Tesla's methods are withPowerBeam's cuz I haven't read books on Tesla, just internet info, but if you want more details on the PowerBeam you can visit their website at www.powerbeaminc.com

8/29/2008 2:28 p.m.  

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