Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Well that didn't take long!

Since their 5 week hiatus to focus on campaigning for the LIberals, elevating Elizabeth May to the imaginary status of someone we should give a shit about and offering Jack Layton a daily soapbox...

It's back to business as usual

Of course since things really didn't go as planned for the Ceeb tribe they really do need to change the channel so to speak.

First with some half hearted attempts to paint the election results as a conservative failure and conflating a 90% success in the ultimate goal of achieving majority status with some justification for PM Harper to resign as the leader of the CPC. Then with some luke warm moral support for the laughable Dion in the He's a Good Man vein of sympathy seeking bleats. Then with a steady stream of Liberal mouthpieces to tell us all that they are still the Natural Governing Party and will be back to correct things. Not explainng of course exactly how they are going to do that but still revealing yet again that their priorities lay not with offering Canadians good government but rather justifying and perpetuating their own existence. The CBC of course happy to help.

Back to normal...
This morning the ever more decrepit Henry (the chump) Champ found it appropriate while discussing the US Presidential Debate to compare John McCain to Stephane Dion.... never mind the irony built into the mindset that their pet political hero has become a metaphor for loser....
Return to the Favorites...

The CBC has also resumed their love affair with Omar Khadr and will be airing yet another one hour documentary on the captured terrorist sure to be full of tender sympathies for the murderous offspring of Canada's premier welfare sucking jihadiis.

From the interview this morning with a Khadr lawyer who is now describing him as a simple victim who was supposed to be an interpreter for the Taliban....

Interpret this :

Tnx to Darcey at Dustmybroom archives for the picture

Oh yes ... and apparently Global Warming is back again... riding up the priority list of panics right along with the World Wide financial meltdown.


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