Sunday, October 05, 2008

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What type of internal combustion engine achieves or could achieve 50% energy efficiency?

Well ..... ?

Ok it's the Free Piston Engine ....

It achieves the theoretical efficiency of 50% because it is converting the mechanical energy of the combustion into electricity with no mechanical conversion from reciprocating movement to revolving components. It reminds me of those flashlights that have magnets moving inside coils that you power by shaking.

So, measuring the amount of E produced gives an optimistic impression of what in the real world needs to have consideration for what can be done with the electric power.

However ..... the thing is that this engine can be adapted to use just about any kind of fuel and given the right circumstances could be more cost efficient than such things as Fuel Cell batteries.

That being said .... in the realm of electric vehicles the real opportunity has to come from better and lighter batteries.

Interesting concept though.

H/T to thekneeslider dot com


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wowza..something different eh!

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