Monday, January 12, 2009

Awards Season Looms


The Globes apparently rejected the automatic coronation of Streep.. Surprise.
Now let's wait for the Oscars...

The annual displays of self congratulation, self promotion and meaningless praise for films not yet seen by anyone who is not an insider to the film industry is gathering steam.

Right on schedule we have front runner in the category of "Anything that has Merill Streep In It" ..... as with every other year when this most overrated of actresses deigns to have participated in some film creation by imposing onto movie screens her flat faced look of stunned incomprehension along with the red nosed, watery eye, wet dishrag expression that seems to be her signature aptitude.

Apparently critics are so enamored of Merill that they must convince us well in advance that whatever new movie she is to appear in will be their top pick for Golden Globes and then the Oscars.

Were we really less well off in 2008 when the fantasy industry was "on strike"??

I can hardly remember.

Meanwhile .... This Genius just goes about his business making movies that the Hollywood elites (lefticles of worst ilk) care not to talk about.
In the process drawing people out of theaters showing the crap of the week products of mainstream Hollywood's celebrity train - idol of the moment - group of daisy chained - scat suckers.

"......."Gran Torino," which Eastwood also directed, was previously in limited release for four weeks. It jumped from 84 theatres to 2,808 this weekend after boasting very high theatre averages. "

Keep up the good work Clint! You are head and shoulders above the mediocrities who rule the film industry.


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