Monday, May 18, 2009

Long Weekend Beer!

Just because there have been no new beers presenting themselves to me .... there's been no good reason to post a Friday's Beer item.

However... as with all things ... the pendulum swings both ways. And so I present my new find.

From Half Pints Brewing right here in Winnipeg ... St. James Pale Ale ...

She pops with a satisfying little sigh and pours clean and clear with just a little bit of white crispy topping.

The head fades away to a light lacing in just a few short breaths and the aroma is like perfume from some deep ancestral memory. Sweet baking malts that remind me of the caramel on a cookie sheet and wonderful floral hops that are steeped in citrus ... a mouth watering aroma that stimulates all the right responses.

There's a bit of the hop's citrus character seasoning the beer on the palate and just an undertone of those caramel malts. The finish is crisp and clean leaving you ready for whatever comes next.

This is a beer for all of the summer, thirst quencher, food companion and just because it is so enjoyable. Pleasing my senses in every way.

I'm giving the boys from St. James full props for this beer ( two thumbs up and 5 stars ). For a local craft brewery to field a champ like this and make it one of their regular lineup is truly remarkable.

Thanks Boys!


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