Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Machievellian? Or Just Convenient Circumstances?

Where I may indulge in a little conspiracy theorizing.....

With things like the Massive financial failures and the fallout in other industries going on and on, it seems that there is precious little informed and critical commentary in the mass media.

Also, whatever critical analysis that is out there, is being disparaged as coming from "The Fringe".

The chickens are surely come home to roost for those corporate elites who have had their way for too long. Not that I'm complaining about executives who try to make good business decisions and fail for some reason. In the matter of some of these executives though it's been more a case of their bad decisions and bad strategies resulting in the inability of their businesses to cope with drastic circumstances.

To be sure some would have inevitably been forced restructure or fail anyway. And, to be sure the politicos have had a big part to play in this mess.

The whole business though of the bailouts and such has me thinking a bit about the recent past where certain US prosecutors were so HOT for the blood of high profile investors and tycoons.

Consider the treatment of Conrad Black at the hands of Patrick Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald has a long history of being very serious and very successful in prosecuting corruption in high places.
He also has a history of being and staying politically connected and although his great patron was a Republican senator Peter (no relation) Fitzgerald has retired the Prosecutor remains in his position in Illinois northern district. And yes there is an Obama connection.

So where are the prosecutions of the FannyMae and FreddyMac directors?

How come AIG execs and others get to ride of into the sunset with nary a whiff of federal attack dogs on the hunt?

It makes me wonder just what may have been the real motivation behind the show trial of Conrad Black and the vindictive sentencing that followed.

What would Conrad have had to say about the events of the last 12 months?

Beginning with the run up to the US primaries, seeing the MSM slavishly pander to the Liberal Democrats. Watching the shady dealings of the likes of Clinton and Obama along the way. Observing the slanders from the politicos and the media go essentially unchallenged in the mainstream.

Would or Could Conrad as the head of his media empire have been a voice of reason in the days of delusion?

Would Mr. Black have been inclined to expose the hand of Soros in the promotion of Obama?

Would Mr. Black have had something to say about the corruption of the Chicago and Illinois political machines?

What might he have said in regard to the Acorn frauds... or the ongoing thuggery of Obama's pet social activist group?

What of the corrupt and incompetent Congress or Senate?

What of the subsequent actions of the US government in their incursions upon the markets and the cornerstones of US industry?

What of the incompetent and disingenuous Obama White House?

And certainly what of the incompetence and complete lack of will among the MSM to take on these issues?

While he may not have had anything to say in these matters and while even if he had the impact may have been negligible... It seems that we'd be better off of he had been free to do so.

Mighty convenient that he's in the slammer through all of this.


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