Monday, May 04, 2009

Truth Be Damned ....

At U of Albany ... it's cover your ass time.

Or as Freeborn John puts it, When push comes to research dollars it's like living Kafka at Albany !

For your average run of the mill Warmist acolyte these people are off the radar ... but in the so called 'Scientific Consensus' ... Wei-Chyung Wang is oft quoted and his "work" offered as evidence of conclusive warming trends in China.
Doug Keenan ... a respected mathematician ... studied the Wang data and found it questionable.
He then researched the data sources and methodology and found it ... obviously fraudulent.

He informed the U of Albany (where Wang works) of his concerns and followed up with a formal complaint.

The UofA in turn stalled and proceeded to break their own formal rules for handling such serious complaints. In the mean time ... Wang received over $7 million of research funding from federal agencies to continue his ... ahem... work.

Now it seems to me that we have a person first perpetrating a scientific fraud then obtaining federal funding by presumably fraudulent means then a state funded institution looking like they are trying to cover up the fraud.

Now Freeborn John sees this as sureal....

I wonder what would be the response of mssrs John and Keenan to our HRCs?

I also wonder how grad students under the Wang umbrella like this situation.

My question is: When someone covers and protects a fraud ..... does that not in turn make them a fraud as well? And in the USA is that not also a set of fellonies? Felonies that would not only result in jail time and big fines ... but also being permanently disqualified from receiving any further funds?


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