Thursday, July 02, 2009

Just Because!

Nah! That's not me .... It's my buddy from high school who really got me into bikes. Jed was and still is a real adventurous guy. Back in the day he started up a bike shop, got a Honda Dealership and made out really well for himself.

That's a bone stock demo 750 above from his shop that he was showing off at the St. Thomas dragway. (Back in 1974)

Not shown ..... The FIRST turbo charged 750 Honda in Canada ... he fabricated the whole turbo instal and was running cams to boot.

Won fastest ET and best in class.

Good Times.




Anonymous Alberta Rencontres said...

My husband die for the bikes. You know like a normal woman I like men with bikes and now we are married. I liked this bike on the picture. Your buddy knows what to drive.

7/03/2009 6:01 a.m.  

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