Thursday, August 20, 2009

Antigen To Stupidity


In any case the decidedly not stupid Jo Noory has an example of the terminallly stupid of academia:

Informed by feminist investigations of embodiment and bodiliness, we ask: How do we understand our bodily relationship to other animals? How do we embody animals, and how do animals embody us? How are carnal modes of incorporation, intimacy, and inhabitation kinds of contacts forged between “HumAnimals”?
What, or more precisely, who, we eat is determined by the patriarchal politics of our culture. Patriarchy is a gender system that is implicit in human/animal relationships… Manhood is constructed in our culture by access to meat eating and control of other bodies.

That is a synopsis for a humanities course ... I assume in women's studies ... from some university somewhere that is losing or has lost all of it's alumni support and endowments ... I am sure.

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