Saturday, August 15, 2009

Experts Science and The MSM

The Amazon recovering rain forrest?

In an article from Der Spiegel on line:

Felipe Garcia's shack backs up against a wall of forest. "My neighbors abandoned their farm seven years ago," says Garcia, a farmer. "Now the jungle has taken over their property once again." He strokes his round belly, and says: "And if I don't till my field, it'll look the same way in a few years."

Gee! Do you mean to tell us that those anonymous experts so often refered to by the media ... back in the day when rainforest deforestation was so tres chic a topic for discussion ... were full of crap when they proclaimed that the jungle would be irrecoverable?

All of those British rock stars and the world's fashionistas wrong?

David Suzuki out to lunch?

How could that be?

I am sure that I heard one expert or another quoted dozens of times asserting that the land was to be barren forever.

Perhaps an unasked question is just why these farmers are abandoning their land..... Like perhaps without the goverment subsidies the farms are largly unprofitable. And perhaps with the land reforms some of those beneficiaries really were not that keen on all the hard work involved. The socialists of Brazil must be very annoyed that their plans are not working out so well.

Not to worry though the MSM will have plenty of other experts to explain why.

Hattip to Georges at !NoPasaran! for pointing to this.


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