Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Always Something

Just as I get a few old projects taken care of and some other nuisance type things repaired or otherwise sorted out.... what happens?

Well of course something else breaks or some new pile of crap manifests itself just to keep me from getting too smug or maybe even just having a few days of enjoying a tiny little sense of accomplishment.

Not for me to have all things in order and clear sailing ahead! No way Jose.......

So what fresh challenge has manifested itself in what could have been a brief respite from things that suck up time and money and psychic energy?

Only that ultimate karmic smack in the kisser ..... the dead automobile. (Truck in this case)

Great effin timing there Mrs. K!! You are a bitch........ over the course of just a few hours a vehicle that was showing no signs of distresss or malignant tendency... a vehicle that by all indications was strong and secure within it's own metalic hide ... went from Mr. Dependable and with me for the long haul ... to a white smoke belching pile of inconvenience and expense.

Just before lunch the F150 was running as strong as the day I brought him home. Then at 5pm after spending the day resting in the driveway he balks at starting and then farts a cloud of white smoke accompanied by a mechanical death rattle. EXPLETIVE!

Thanks to our lovely shortage of daylight I had no time to investigate further and thanks to the need for other vehicles to get in and out of the driveway I had to back him out and park him on the street. Come to think of it .... the whole damned day was a series of irritating events.

The day in retrospect seemed to be leading up to something ... from the stop at the Co-op gas station where the nit wit bitch of a clerk refused (Twice) to serve me because she seemed to think my truck was still getting filled out at the pump to the OTHER genius who couldn't figure out that the two lotto tickets I handed her were BOTH winners, then had a brain fart trying to figure out what to do about the money. ( Look it's simple you process the tickets and hand me the cash ... then you take care of the payment for the gas ... and no I do NOT want any frickin CAR WASH today. EXPLETIVE!

Follow that up with the usual Saturday morning drivers who can't get themselves to function at anywhere near a normal level of competence or awareness .... then the usual BS from the McDiarmid hardware store ( Never have anything I Need when I need it) so off to the Big Orange Box to have a little twerp tell my he don't work in THAT department ... only to show up a few minutes latter to see what I wanted...then proceed to totally f'up rolling 16 feet flexible edging off the display spool. ( Is 10am too early to be baked?... not for some peoples kids it seems).
But what the heck? It's Saturday and I have better things to do than to stew about the inevitable idiots who populate our society. And so ... I finish repairing and adjusting my garge door opener.

I get a whole pile of crap sorted out and ready for the trash and I get some time to figure out the details on my current project in the basement. And that is when Karma took it out on my dutiful friend F150.

And now ... a dilemma .... Buy new truck? ... fix old truck?... hmmmm maybe do both.

And if I do go truck shopping..... do I get another 1/2 ton? Or move up to the 3/4 ton?

Those new F150s are really nice ....but down the road I'd like to have the Super Duty Diesel to pull a 5th wheel.

Buy now? Wait? Upgrade? Stick with the same old?


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Blogger Lost Johnny said...

Seems to me that fixing that garage door opener opened up some kind of shit abyss.

11/15/2009 7:03 p.m.  

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