Thursday, December 03, 2009

Just Because!

There are some things in motor sports that bring joy to my heart.

One of these is Classic Italian Motorcycles from the post WWII era ... Like these :

Works of Art

Coinciding with the awakening of my love for two wheeled motor transport "Cycle World" magazine published a road test of this bike in 1967:

Very much ahead of it's time with a double overhead cam in line four cylinder engine and twin front disc brakes combined with shaft drive. This should have been the motorcycle of choice for the long distance tour and sport touring enthusiast. However, poor (virtually non-existent) distribution and sales operations in the US and Canada along with a steep price tag $3000 helped to keep this from happening.

An interesting side note is that CW Magazine had this test/demo bike for sale after the article appeared ... as I recall they were asking $600 bucks or some ridiculous low price for it.

To think I could have owned this classic! Oh well..................


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Blogger Lost Johnny said...

I don't understand why everybody gets these big hard-ons for Harleys. There are so many of them on the road, they might as well be Honda CB-90's.

Your last 3 bike posts shows the world that there is so much more beauty out there....

12/04/2009 3:36 p.m.  

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