Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Little Schadenfreude and a Beer Thank You

I do not suffer fools lightly .... but I do enjoy witnessing the suffering of fools as consequence of their character. A banner day in some respects....

How can anyone so ignorant be a reporter for AP? Seriously? -- David Deming, University of Oklahoma....

From News Busters... some scientists put ...

AP's Science Writer #1 ... in his place.

Although the question is a couple of years old it shows two things:

ONE- That the AP science writer has been an ass for at least two years.
TWO - That even bright guys like David Deming do not necessarily understand how AP works ... abysmal ignorance is a prerequisite for their writers.

But more to the point ... we had a fine example of the character of these MSMers just today...

Mother Nature and some UN Bureauflunkies... Provide the opportunity for Sparky to shine for us some more....

"A group of journalists stood for many hours in near-freezing temperatures Monday waiting to get into the United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen."

"....among them was Associated Press science writer Seth Borenstein ..."

A man screamed "I don't need food. I need socks! I'm freezing my ass off out here."

Lending substance yet again to my assertion that ...
"As a group the MSM are the stupidest people on the planet!"

It's been a good day .... in fact a banner day... to see these fools whining like spoiled children about being cold and wet.

Thanks to News Busters and SDA

Maybe Seth would like me to run my new 4x4 for a while?

In any case I am going to goand savor a beer (and some popcorn) with my enjoyment of the spectacle of the suffering fools.


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Blogger Lost Johnny said...

I think I can wrangle up some old tires to burn to contribute to the cause.

Anything to help.....

12/16/2009 3:57 p.m.  
Blogger talnik said...

If you're not a lifeguard, WHY THE HECK WOULDN'T YOU WEAR SOCKS TO WORK???
Damn hippies.

12/16/2009 4:17 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Now why would you expect anything better?

12/16/2009 5:33 p.m.  

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