Saturday, January 09, 2010

A Special Night Out

With Mrs. OMMAG ....

The lady OMMAG took us out for birthday celebration dinner ... the restaurant of choice for today..
The Resto Gare near the corner of Des Meurons and Provencher ( formerly la Vieille Gare)

I had a hankering for a good steak and wanted to try someplace other than the usual grills and steak joints around Winnipeg. We're glad we did try the Resto gare as the quality of the food and service was really quite pleasant.

First off ... the reservations were not a hassle even thought the place is busy and we only made the day before. One star for the Gare.

Second ... the full menu is posted on their website ! Another star for the Gare.

Third ... although the parking was a bit tight in their smallish lot there was adequate space for the clientele. Star three for the Gare.

Fourth ... the reception and hostess were efficient, bright and courteous. Star four for the Gare.

Fifth ... the table they set for us was pleasantly located and the traffic around us non-intrusive, chairs well upholstered and comfortable (could use a freshened up cushion though!). Give the Gare another star.

Sixth ... Wine list ... not too long ... nicely arranged and well enough appointed with a selection appropriate to the menu. Naked Grape Sauvignon Merlot for us. The beer and liquor selection was pretty thin though .. I'd expect some real Euro Beers and preferably Belgians as well as a real selection of brandys, ports, whisky and liqueurs. No star for this but it's only a problem for picky imbibers or those who might want to linger over some refined booze for a while.

Seventh ... the main dish we chose was Chateaubriand and a dish like this should be the very best a restaurant can do ... it was good ... better than OK .. with all the right flavours and a very very good piece of Canadian Black Angus beef at the centre.

The preparation and presentation were first rate and the food delicious.
We ordered with a pair of lobster tails as well.
The tenderloin ... was ordered rare to medium rare and delivered as requested.
The tails were done on the grill and seasoned with some herbs that made them as mouth watering as any I've ever tasted. Star.

However, the meat was presliced and placed on the serving tray as medalions over the base of mushrooms and mashed potatoes. My preference being to have the thing brought to the table whole and the server (or me) slice as required for the plate.
The mashed potatoes were very good, being creamy and nicely seasoned (can't say with what).
The side of baby carrots (real baby carrots) and garden green beans was perfect.

The sauce on the side ... was less Bordelaise (as advertised) and more like gravy although it was well seasoned and savory. My preference is the very rich version of Bordelaise with the extra butter, lemon, herbs OR a Bernaise sauce. No problem ... just my slightly different expectation ... me being picky.

The dessert (Red Velvet) was really nice... the coffee ( one regular and one double espresso) excellent, strong without a hint of bitterness.

The service was efficient and attentive without being intrusive the food a pleasure and the atmosphere relaxed and comfortable.

I'd go back anytime and I'd order the same if the mood struck .... however I'll probably want to try some other items off the menu.

The Resto Gare is a good restaurant and worth a try. Gets about 8 out of 10 in my book.
And for the record .... there are a lot of restaurants that pose as first rate that would not.


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