Sunday, February 28, 2010

Forests of the Sea ?

Like roaming herds of Bison are "Forests of the Plain"...

Dr Andrew Pershing from the University of Maine described whales as the "forests of the ocean". From BBC it figures.......

And I thought that Kelp and Sargasso beds were the forest of the ocean.
In sheer volume it would be phytoplankton.

The Basics of Carbon Cycle ... seem to be a mere trifle to those Phd Activists.

When any scientist decides to throw out Scientific Principle for the sake of political advocacy they cease to have any credibility as a scientist.

What is really going on here is that the shills for the Save The Whales groups are attempting to conflate their pet causes with what they see as a "winning" cause in AGW.

The sad truth they reveal in doing so is that they are too stupid to understand that the AGW horse is DEAD and all the flogging in the world is not going help.

Proving yet again that the world is full of high IQ idiots, so called intellectuals without a shred of sense or integrity and a willing group of sycophantic shills in the media.


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