Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What's Been Going On With Climate Fraud?

Well for one thing .... the culprits are busy setting up conferences and enquiries to cover their asses clear the air.

Enquiries staffed by ... coincidence .... their cronies and fellow travellers.

The Muir Russell Inquiry revealed itself to the world on Feb 11, 2010. Nothing good has been said about it since. At this press conference, the hapless Muir Russell looked into the camera and said that we should believe that they are independent because they “are independent”. Their website contained (and still contains) misrepresentations, primarily about Geoffrey Boulton. One panelist has already resigned.

Who is Boulton?

What is the IPCC?

And conferences populated with Helen Kellers OR Sgt's Schultz !

These jokers are far from being ready to give up their game....


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