Monday, July 05, 2010

Consolidation of The Left Wing Media

Here's one that slipped under my radar (mostly because I NEVER consult Globe Media).

Blogger ..... The Iceman noticed though....

The Toronto Star and its subsidiary the Globe and Mail are teaming up with La Presse to take over the non-profit Canadian Press. It is not yet clear what role if any the Toronto Star will have over the new for profit entity, whether their stories will get distribution preference, or whether they can influence staffing decisions and editorial positions. Time will soon tell what this new entity will look like. Evidently what has sunk the Canadian Press are the generous pensions given out be a not for profit organization. It just seems off to me that a 34 million dollar pension deficit could even exist at a non-profit organization. Something about that number seems absurd under the circumstances.


Yeah that and the fact that their market is drying up....


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Hope you're having an amazing weekend!!..wer'e having holidays down here!

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