Sunday, July 04, 2010

The July Long (?) Weekend

File this under Pet Peeves and Failed HR Policies.
First the pet peeve..... It is Dominion Day and will remain Dominion Day in spite of the efforts of revisionist liberals to re brand as Canada Day.

Second the failed HR policy ....

So if a stat holiday falls on a Thursday and you want to actually have a long weekend you must ask for use of a vacation day! Or you get stiffed TWO days pay.


This is why I found myself back at work on Friday after trying to make the most of the Dominion Day statutory day off work.

All well and good that HR policies are designed to avoid wholesale abuse of privileges. BUT... what sort of genius actually thinks having an office full of salaried employees forced to show up and put in 8 hours on the clock is a good idea?

Bad enough that our weather has been so spotted with rain and thunderstorms ... putting a damper on pretty much every weekend event since early May ... but now we get stiffed by a fluke of the calender as well.

Ah well .... Dominion Day!

It was a pretty nice day. Although interrupted by pressing household chores brought about by juvenile intransigence (read unwilling to maintain a minimum standard of hygiene in their quarters) and consequences.

We had a thunderstorm pass through early in the afternoon that looked to put a damper on outdoor activities but things cleared up nicely (contradicting the dire forecasts) and we managed to get out to the Assiniboine Park for evening bandstand performances. Dustbowl Rhinos impressed the crowd with a sort of glee club performance. Sierra Noble and Band showed off some impressive musical chops. I'm pretty sure Sierra Noble is going places.
The crowd favorite, Streetheart did their thing and maybe even won over some younger (as in under 40) fans. A short 25 minute set had them cut down several of the mainstay tunes but still left enough room for the obligatory encore.

All in all ... a pretty decent selection of mostly local talent.

Unfortunately .... Friday was back at work.

So how about the rest of the weekend? Hot ... muggy ... interspersed with rain and thunderstorms. Cancelled our hot air balloon ride .... for about the 10th time running and going back two years now!

Ah well .... at least we got the house cleaned and OMMAG jr's room fumigated.

Here's hoping we catch a break soon.

BTW --- Happy Independence Day to our US Friends and Neighbors.


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