Tuesday, October 26, 2010

They Screeched like Banshees............

When FOX news sent out a directive to local affiliates to improve the programming on their news broadcasts ..........

The likes of Olbermann were apoplectic in their condemnation of Murdoch and company ... determined that the media mogul was out to co-opt every little jerkwater into reproducing the content of the network news giants ... in other words ... ram the conservative viewpoint down mainstreet America's throat.

Naturally .... the results were exactly the opposite of the claims being made by the methane-brains in the Libo-sphere......

An excerpt from the Reuters article:

In Los Angeles, the Fox 11 newscaster delivered a recent story about budget cuts forcing community colleges to tighten their belts. He described the problem and threw in footage of protesting students and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about budget cuts.

Normally, the item might have ended there, but it went on for an additional four minutes with a discussion among the newscaster and three guests, including a couple of college students complaining about overcrowded classes.

There was no hint of conservatism in the presentation: None of the four, for example, suggested that the state was correct to try spending within its means or that students ought to be asked to pay more for their education and rely less on taxpayers.

So the result seems to be that aside from being able to ape the format ... these people are not about to actually learn any lessons.

Like teaching the tone deaf to play an instrument .... they might get the tempo .... but they are genetically incapable of carrying the tune.

Just a little reminder that ... as a group the mainstream media are The Stupidest People on the Planet!


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Awesome beyond words.

10/26/2010 6:44 p.m.  

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