Monday, November 08, 2010

Sometime Last Week

While we were out celebrating the asskicking of the US Left in the midterm elections....
China quietly set the stage for the next big step in their progression to the premier golbal economic influencer.

Seems that as France Prepares to assume the chair of leadership at the G20 (Yeah I know France and Leadership in the same sentence ..... ) They have already been taking bribes from China to influence and promote an agenda that the Chinese desire.

Yes ... that France .... or Fwance ....

From AFP

PARIS — France and China signed major industrial deals worth 20 billion dollars on Thursday at the start of a lavish state visit by Chinese President Hu Jintao, cementing previously strained ties.

Hu also threw China's weight behind Sarkozy's goal of using France's upcoming presidency of the G20 group of economic powers to reform the global financial system, the French leader's other big priority for the visit.

The contract signings kicked off a three-day visit by Hu that France hopes will result in a massive boost to its high-tech manufacturing exports.



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