Wednesday, March 09, 2011

On the Wrong Side of Every Issue

As put forward by Evan Sayet ... in the Reluctant Optimist .... if you have been paying attention .... the ongoing struggle of the self styled progressives continues unabated... your moral and intellectual betters prove themselves incapable of grasping reality ... and unwilling to hear/see when it is shoved in their faces.

Witness the ongoing saga of Peter King ... US Congressman:

As the muzzy mouthfoamers go into full spastic mode the MSM chooses to ignore the vitriolic savages and work to undermine and belittle a US lawmaker for trying to force his own government to recognize a danger.

No one who reads this blog (except for some of those trolls) has any doubt about the nature of this threat to our own rightful pursuit of our lives and our way of life that we have won by blood and toil.

But the traitorous liberal media will fight tooth and nail to prevent this fact from being officially acknowledged.

It pays to know your enemies…………

Angel in NYC has some things to say about the behaviour of those ROPers over the efforts of Congressman Pete King.

Witness the WaPo Peter King Vs The American Public .

Yep ... it's not Peter King FOR the American Public ... not in the eyes of the Liberal Media....

On a brighter note .... Liberal pundits are in turmoil as their house of entitlements begins to crumble .... Politics Daily

Note how the potential from removing the taxpayer burden (20%) of their budget makes them squirm!

Next ... lets see if we can rip the 1.5 billion (80% taxpayer burden) from the CBCs clutches!!!

Wouldn't it be fun to watch the implosion there if they had to rely on private donations and advertizing revenue?


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