Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Bit of Nostalgia

Those old days of being just a bit too young to get a licence and just enthusiastic enough to be hanging around with everyone and anyone who had one .... 1965...

The buzz was all about The Who ... and this hot little number from Japan's Suzuki motors.

The X6 Hustler (Super Six) cost about 700 beans and was the first (that I know of) street motorcycle with a 6 speed gear box.

By the end of the summer these little bombs were buzzing around town and intimidating most Brit Bike riders into staying at the drive in and posing.

Out on the back road and at the local strips the Hustlers were embarrassing the leather pants off of riders on bikes two to three times the displacement.

This is a pretty cool website by Jarmo Haapamäki All Suzuki Models Ever Built!

Most of us can only reminisce ... unlike ...

Jay Leno who reminisces .... as well ... but he now owns one .... whereas .... alas............



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