Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Thursday Beer !

Just because .... tomorrow is Good Friday and OMMAG will not be going to work .... It makes for a good opportunity to indulge in a little beer testing.

Say hello to Old Engine Oil Porter from Harviestoun Brewery in Scotland!

She's a dark a bonny lass with no pretension except to be the very thing she is... which is not really a pretension at all .... eh?

Goes into the happy glass smooth and creamy ... a deep coffee shade of broun ... just a little red around the edges.

There's no action or unnecessary frothing ..... no foam to lap up.
A nice aroma of ripe banana peel and coffee grounds ( maybe a bit of peat smoke there ) just a little bit of bake shop in the mix.

Over the palate is smooth a creamy as well .... a tinge of bitter almost like espresso with chocolate and stirred with a cinnamon bark.

The finish is a bit sticky and sweet ... but the sweetness fades to leave the coffee taste .... good for another go .... !

All in all ... a decent dark beer with not too much of anything and just enough of everything.






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