Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Today the MSM latched on to another old chestnut .... Celphones cause brain cancer!

Screaming headlines ..... "World Health Experts" ..... blah blah ....

Same old crap ... mainstream news goofs ... citing unspecified experts ... hoping to achieve notoriety with unsubstantiated claims of dire consequences.

The WHO did not say anything of the kind in their IARC reports... what they said was there was a possibility ... and therefore "more research" is needed. Because 15 freeking years of celphone use studies ... doing their damndest to find any excuse to demonize the use of these devices ... is certainly not enough.

Translation .... give us more money!

Oh ... BTW try Google search = cell phones cancer debunked

As often as these rent seeking pseudo science NGOs keep using emotional blackmail to justify their funding desires ... they are shot through the noggin by skeptics and dissenting expert opinion.

But that never seems to stop the MSM from parrotting the bullshit.

Freekin idiots.


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