Monday, June 27, 2011

Were From the Government ....

And we're here to HELP!

An old adage that cautions against accepting "assistance" of any kind from governments. However, espcially relevant in regard to those victims of widespread flooding in  North America. Although the reality of the flooding root causes is entirely in the extreme accumulations of precipitation, there is some responsibility that falls on the various governments and their agencies charged with water management and flood control. In Canada and in the USA water ways that traditionally have been well dredged have not been for decades and where diking has been shown to be needed there has been negligence in its upkeep. This combined with artificial restrictions in flow along many major waterways has combined to create flooding conditions across a greater area than has been seen for many decades.

If you subscribe to conspiracy theory ... it's all a big plot to flood people out and take over their land.
I'm just wondering exactly what the US government would actually do with vast swaths of farm land.

Hat tip to USS Neverdock


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