Monday, July 25, 2011

Like Saddam ....

In Iran .... they are just covering their tracks and getting rid of the evidence......

If there is one thing that should be clear about the behaviour of thug-o-cracies.... it's that like all career criminals ... they really want to cover their tracks. Once the job is done the hired contractors who didn't have the sense to see it coming or take precautions to protect themselves are the first to get "cleaned up".

Not that I care much about the scientist and technicians who helped the bastards ... except for the fact they most probably never had a choice ... the thing you need to understand about this is that it means the Iranian islamists are sure now that they have what they need.

Unlike the Hussein Iraq nukes ... these are not a bluff or a game of smoke and mirrors. Iran has the technology to make weapons and by now likely has the weapons.  Unlike the hapless Syrians they have their stuff well dispersed and hidden so that no preemptive action against them will be successful.

Now remember those videos of Iranians dancing in the streets after 9/11 and  ... be prepared to see some mushroom clouds !


Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated in Tehran, media reports say

  • TEHRAN, Iran - Assailants on a motorcycle assassinated an Iranian nuclear physicist on Saturday, Iranian media reports said, in a killing that bore similarities to other slayings of scientists involved in the country's nuclear work in recent years.
  • The semi-official ISNA news agency identified the victim as Darioush Rezaei, a 35-year-old physics professor involved in Iran's nuclear program, and said he was killed in front of his home in Tehran. Iran's official IRNA news agency also reported the killing but had few details on the attack or the man's background.
  • Several Iranian nuclear scientists have been murdered in recent years in attacks that Iran has blamed on the U.S. and Israel, which accuse Tehran of seeking to develop a nuclear weapons capability under the cover of its civilian atomic energy program. Iran denies those accusations and says its program has entirely peaceful aims.
  • The semi-official Mehr news agency also identified the victim of Saturday's attack as a professor of physics and said he was assassinated in front of his house in Bani Hashem street in Tehran.



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