Friday, July 22, 2011

Sun News Network...

They'd better get their shit together soon because it's stuff like this ........

Even with this evidence widely available and disseminated worldwide, Canadian media continue to peddle the radical activists' narrative that they were non-violent resistors. Case in point, on the July 19 broadcast of "Canada Live," Sun News Network featured a segment by reporter Bryan Dunstan who made the following erroneous claim in a discussion with host Krista Erickson:
"Last year, the same situation occurred. A boat that was registered out of Turkey tried to breach the blockade and there was nine people that were injured, actually killed, in the raid on this boat. It turned out they were NOT ARMED. they were just pelting the soldiers that boarded the ship with FRUIT AND ROCKS if you have and they responded with lethal force. Nine people killed on the, what was that boat called again? the Mavi Marmara..."

Certainly the activists weren't unarmed as Mr. Dunstan has claimed. The Israeli soldiers only used lethal force when their lives were at risk (which they clearly were as demonstrated by the video evidence). Keep in mind that the soldiers were deployed with paint-ball guns in a posture fitting of a riot-dispersal scenario. They certainly wouldn't use live ammo only on people who pelted them with "fruit" and "rocks" as Mr. Dunstan has stated.

Stuff like that and the daily goofs on the web site main page that is rife with misstatements, spelling and grammatical errors.
It may be hard to find a J-school grad these days who actually can spell and use English but they had better figure out how to get some skills in the staff who write and produce for Sun TV or they will soon find themselves relegated to the same pile of crap that Global and CTV inhabit.

As for Dunstan .... that's where he belongs.......

Canadians DO NOT need another source of uninformed opinion and outright stupidity.

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