Thursday, December 01, 2011

Nothing New under "The SUN"

As an unapologetic skeptic when it comes to anything in the mainstream media .... I was singularly unimpressed when intentions to launch the SUN News Network were announced .

True ... I was hoping that this development in Canadian broadcasting would provide some relief from the incessantly hopeless news reporting that we are subjected to every day. But, the mere fact that they were pitching their efforts as being a true counter point to the overwhelmingly liberal pregressivist (a cluge of progressivism-with a predisposition failure and objective regression)  to social meddling of the MSM in general was something that caused a stir of hope. In the time since the first broadcasts I have gone from being a cheerleader to being a detractor and back on a weekly basis.
Still ... just because they are something more than just another shill for promoting urban liberal viewpoints and progressive ideology ... I continue to hope that they can and will mature into an actual NEWS organization.

However, this hope was slim to start and has been whittled down to a mere willingness to tolerate the flimsy and desperately thin news reportage at SUN TV. It seems that their news editors and producers are cut from the same cheap cloth as those who populate the news rooms of the other networks and the collection of talking heads dredged up from the Sun papers or other previous positions in Quebecor media studios are pretty damned unimpressive. The first thing that came to bother me was the very first day of broadcast when SUN TV producers chose to showcase Krista Erikson .... who I have not forgotten was at the heart of the ridiculous affair (while employed by CBC) of feeding questions and background to the LIberal buffoon Pablo Rodriguez during the Political Theatrics of  Karl Heinz Schreiber hearings. Suffice to say that Krista continues to be an embarrassment to everyone dumb enough to associate with her. Let's face it .... Krista care about Krista and is quite capable of anything that she imagines will be good for her personal agenda. Too bad she can't put that much effort into doing an honest job.
But ... I digress .... there was not intention to go off on the failings of SUN news with regard to this one person. In truth .... the bright spots on SUN TV are still fairly interesting ... Ezra Levant seems to have an endless energy and ability to entertain while making a point. The morning news anchors are fairly lucent and capable ... the main problem for them being the lack of resources and actual news material to present and discuss. Adler remains .... as always ... a small time blowhard and bloviator who just manages once in while to make the effort to make a real point. When he does hit on something of substance he usually does the matter justice .... unfortunately ..... too few and far between to put up with the mindless blather he falls back on when he knows he has nothing to offer.

The ONE great failing of this news group though still remains in the back room and the production booth. The typical mindless repetition of whatever comes across the news wires and uncritical presentation of reports that are patently bullshit just irks me to hell and back.

For instance ... this week's credulous repetition on a  UN report stating that 2011 has been the warmest year ever and continues to prove the unrelenting increase in global temperatures and all the usual BS that goes along with these propaganda releases from the climate hysteria crowd.

As if no one ever heard of the frauds that have been and continue to be perpetrated by the IPCC and their cadre of bought and paid for activists in the research business.

While the knobs behind the knobs at SUN TV seem to be able to get the facts straight when it comes to the supporting of any of the easily recognizable memes such as CBC waste and intransigence or occasionally identify some NDP buffoonery they remain painfully and patently incapable of understanding the difference between shit and shinola.

Being "Fair and Balanced" in no way obligates someone to be mindless and uncritical.


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Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

hey Ommag!..and now they are embracing the muzlim brothahood all over the world..can the media BE more contemptible!..cheers!!!

12/02/2011 11:25 a.m.  
Blogger Lost Johnny said...

I'm Floyd Robertson, and I'm Earl

12/02/2011 10:24 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Yep .... SCTV crew had it nailed a long time ago............

There must be a prerequisite in the media and creative comms schools that the students get a lobotomy ....

12/03/2011 10:09 a.m.  

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