Sunday, January 08, 2012

Climate Gate 2.0 ... Lying Liars and Big Environment $

At Watts Up With That ... WUWT a sizable list (250) of the over 5000 e-mails contained in the second installment leaked out of CRU and the climate cabal of Jones, Mann, Briffa et al ............ digging done be one Tom Nelson ... well done Tom.

What stands out is the raw determination to justify their preconceptions and in crafting and telling of the big lie.
That and the blatant collusion with the BBC ............
Also notable is the work done by a WUWT commentor ... EM Smith who captures filtered search results of the FOIA emails list using key word searches.

He notes that there are   "A Lot of hits..." See the Chiefio ...

What is there to say?
Basically anyone who still thinks this whole climate/disaster/IPCC/UN panic propaganda is legitimate is either willfully blind or just another lying SoB with an agenda.

Now wasn't it just this last week when a bunch of NDP and Liberal types were badmouthing our government for getting out of the UN climate scam??





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