Thursday, January 05, 2012

I Bet Theres Some Harper Bashing On the Way

Globe & Mail busy pimping doom and gloom .... Vast Majority of Canadians Believe .... country is in recession!

Yeah ... sure ... whatever YOU say.

Apparently it takes three staff writers to craft  a non news opinion article based on a poll and some commentary from the  rolodex of "experts".

Strangely enough, they never seem to actually get to any discernible point .... although the pre-formed conclusion .... that "Canadians" are unhappy with the economy gets re enforced through repetition.Stay tuned to the G&M  ... if you have the patience and stomach ... where you will likely see a number of articles highly ... and most likely falsely ... critical of the government and PM Harper in particular.

This is how the agenda driven media work their memes into the news.





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