Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reviving Manufacturing in the West .....

"The Dyson solution involves shifting the education system, the tax system and the government's priorities to making industrial manufacturing something that is once again desired, supported and rewarded."

So goes the tone of the story from the Globe&Mail ..... James Dyson reinvented ....

From my own perspective .... as the "high foreheads" in our own business and finance community along with the dumbasses in the political and chattering arenas were balyhooing the "paradigm" of economic evolution ... as they imagined it ... from a manufacturing and technology economy to the conceptual "service economy", nobody was asking the question of "How do we create value?"

Those who did ask that question (me) were often told that we just did not understand how it worked!
I beg to differ... I and those like myself understood very well how it worked.

Now 30 years later ... so apparently does at least ONE susccessful businessman who is also willing to say so.

On the surface the G&M writer seems to be pushing the idea that we NEED government support to make manufacturing business successful .... on the contrary ... what Dyson is saying and what the rest of us neanderthals understand is that the government IS the problem.

Get government out of the marketplace and kill these endless regulatory bodies ... businesses including the manufacturing sector can thrive.


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