Sunday, March 04, 2012

They Lied ... They Continue to Lie ... They Are NOT Scientists ... They Are Activists

What the graphic above demonstrates is two important facts about what the IPCC frauds have been doing for 20 years.

The first is that the focus of their hyperbole is an artificial statistical view that is intended to magnify the appearance of a warming trend in support of their own claims and with the intent of bamboozling the numerically incompetent.

The second is that even in the light of other ascending trends over time there is not one example of such camparisons in any of the climate hysteric's presentations. In fact .... even this example fails to go back to previous geological eras where the earth's surface temperatures were much higher than we have seen in the last 500 years.

Or the last 5000 ..... the longer cycles show that we are more likely to be going into a new cooling cyle.

I'll take warming over freeezing any day. But one thing is for sure ... it warm or cold ... it will not make one bit of difference to the climate if you drive gas guzzling SUVs or not drive at all.
It will make no difference whether you get your electricity from the sun, from water falls and rivers, from windmills or from burning coal.

The climate system of this planet is far too large to be measurably affected by your use of fuels for energy.



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