Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rolling Artwork

From the Blog BIKE EXIF .... a very nicely built custom Vincent Black Lightning by Jeff Decker of

 ....   Hippodrome Studio fame ...

This bike has generated a lot of controversy in the world of classic bike fans and especially Vincent purists.

Personally ... I see no problem with taking ANY machine and improving it. And, this custom is actually as much a salvage project made from a load of disparate junk yard parts. It never was a Vincent ... until Jeff put it together ... and that makes it as much a Decker as it is a Vincent in my opinion.

My personal take on any motorcycle leans  toward how functional it is as a potential rider and what limitations or compromises have been made of style over substance. To be fair ... this bike was not built with my preferences in mind. But, I cannot help thinking about and imagining what the riding experience would be like.

In terms of creating motorized  rolling ART ... Jeff  has obviously succeded in expressing himself very effectively.



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