Thursday, June 14, 2012

Don't Be Surprised ...

By anything that comes out of the Province of Quebec ... ever.

Recent events in Quebec have caught the attention of international observers in all sorts of ways.
The blog Gates of Vienna   whose main purpose (in my opinion) is to chronicle the self destruction of Europe through irrational immigration and corrosive social policies. Of course GoV has attracted a fair share of attention themselves .... thanks mostly to that inconvenient fact that a great deal of the social disintegration being experienced in Europe is due to a LARGE number of Islamic immigrants who contribute nothing of value to the landscape.

And so it is that our own National Embarrassment ... Quebec ... draws the attention of such observers.

My comment to the post (linked above) would be:

Do not be surprised by anything that occurs in Quebec or comes from there.The province as it exists in this day is the product of irrational and corrupt ideology along with unfounded sense of entitlement.

Quebec today is populated mostly by immigrants without any connection to the traditions of that region (province of Quebec) or of Canada (referred to as The Rest of Canada "RoC") as a whole.

The cultural purists who wish to have the entire society to themselves are a toxic oleo of communist, progressive, delusional and cultural fascists. The core of this swamp fever mixture of humanity are the self proclaimed "Pur Lain" ... the whitest wool ...whose nebulous claim on cultural purity rests on the assumption that some historical connection to the European French royalty (house of Bourbon or such parasites) assumption of cultural superiority actually bestows THEM with a moral and intellectual superiority to all others.  In short ... a delusion built upon a previous grand delusion.

In order to build their great "Nation" these self important losers have adopted two key strategies. The first is to maintain complete denial of reality in all matters of their own self importance. The second is to pursue any policy they can think will irk, try, inconvenience or harm the RoC.

Key among these is the trifecta policy ... lose,lose,lose... of immigration.

By supporting and sustaining and building upon the depredations of like minded ideologue ... Trudeau the Commie ... the French Heritage cultistes attached themselves and future of their cause to the idea that they could through social engineering achieve the purely Francophone society. The problem with the Utopian delusion is that they achieved something entirely different than what they imagined.

Through the (so far) willing help of the Federal Government Quebec has been able bribe would be immigrants to Canada with a short cut of the normal process (and wait) where those who are willing to locate in Quebec get preferential handling. Once in Quebec, the new immigrants are forced to send their children to French language only schools and become part of the systemic culture of societal dependence of social programs and limited opportunity.

  • Planned homogeneous society is now dominated by ever increasing numbers of people who have NO allegiance to the traditional Quebcois ideal, as vacuous and inane as it is.
  • The dominant demographic segment MAY speak French as far as they have to but they are increasingly less likely to adapt and integrate into the diminished mainstream of Quebec.
  • The immigrant society is ever more dependent and demanding of those very expensive social programs and benefits that were used to bribe them.
  • The sense of entitlement among each new generation is growing exponentially.
  • Quebec society is in fact disintegrating.

I predict these unintended consequences will continue to manifest until ultimately the desires of those cultural fascists will result in the complete failure, bankruptcy and disintegration of Quebec as the "Distinct" society. I'm sure too that the buffoons will be sitting in their "National Assembly" loudly decrying the RoC for our conspiracy to undermine the dream of those pur lain Quebecois.

In all this would be the just deserts for those who gave the RoC Trudeau, the PQ, the FLQ, 50 years of  Liberal government, the NDP as the Official Opposition, nothing but embarrassment after insult and most of all THE TAB for their sanctimonious asshattery.

And I will enjoy my triple helping of schadenfreude.




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