Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stoned Drunk and Dead

Rodney King passed away today with all the dignity and style we ever witnessed in his unwitting public life. It being Fathers Day and all ... I wonder  just how many children ol' Rodney has left fatherless .... or if it matters.

In 1992 Rodney King was beaten into the public consciousness by the MEDIA in their insatiable lust for anything that bleeds. Well bleed he did in an amateur video of LA cops tasering and clubbing him as he appeared to be feebly defending himself from the assault. It sure looked like that bunch of cops were out of control and acting more like a bunch of thugs.

And the media vultures made damned sure that it got plenty of play. Then they made damned sure that when the race baiters came around to pimp their special form of perverted power tripping ... that got plenty of play too. Then when a bunch of low life scum had been whipped into enough of a frenzy by the media and race baiters ... LA was put through one of the most disgusting episodes of mob violence ever witnessed.

And the media loved it.

Someone cleaned old Rodney up a bit and trotted him out to make a sort of plea for sanity.

The mob did not care much but they were running out of steam and stores with anything left to loot.

Soon enough the grocery stores were empty ... the liquor stores were empty ... the hardware stores were empty and the streets were empty.

And the party died out.

The media didn't like that so much so they moved on to look for other sources of entertainment.
The race baiters forgot about Rodney and went back to stroking their knobs and lurking around for new opportunities to attach their parasitic selves to someone else's misfortune.

Rodney went on grab a jackpot civil settlement over his beating... and continued his wasted life.

Today ... Rodney died at the bottom of a pool in LA ... and for now the media are back to their big story of 1992. Was Rodney King a real bad guy?  Not likely.

What WILL the race baiting violence pimps and the media try to make of his life?



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