Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thanks to Liberal Busy Bodies

And their Convoluted reasoning ... there exists a legal precedent to allow virtually anyone to set in motion a bonanza for predatory law firms and government bureaucrats to to bankrupt state treasuries and demolish the primary education system in any US State.  It falls under the oh so well intentioned title of "Educational Adequacy".

The Brookings Institute   has a paper  explaining how it came to be and how it works.

In a nutshell ... thanks to activist courts and public pressure groups motivated to impose their politically correct views on racial equality ... federal courts can be forced to mandate states governments to increase funding. The amount of funding provided is arbitrarily set by the court. The recipient municipal divisions are in no way held accountable. The money gets wasted by the same incompetents and trough hogs. The taxpayer gets screwed.

Minnesota ... is currently being set up by their own avaricious education bureaucrats and the legal sharks are circling the soon to be bloodied feeding ground of the taxpaying citizenry.

A cautionary tale of how the consequences of "progressive fixes" imposed on systems always end up in a clusterf@zzle. Just ask yourself whether the last 50 years of progressive experimentation in our education system has made a better system. Are we just being forced to  spend more money on ideas, programs and people that do not work?

This is why we here in Canada we need to take steps to get our own education system under control.



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