Friday, July 27, 2012

Legendary 60s Muscle Car Big Horsepower Engines

A few years ago there was a comparison done to settle the BS and myths about those big engines from Detroit that were being stufffed into relatively small (for the day) street cars.

From the days of Muscle Car phenomenon to the latest decade there has been no shortage of tall tales an hyperbolic blather from brand loyalists insisting that "their" favorite car/engine combo was the best, the fastest or just the most powerful.

To put an end to the HP argument once and for all there is the dyno results of a selection of unmodified classic big blocks from 1960s Detroit. All of the engines were stripped down and cleaned up. Rebuilt to factory spec with OEM parts and tuned in a dyno-lab for maximum performance.

The Dyno Test Results:

Chevy 1962 409 cu in - Rated 409 hp          (Results 406 hp / 430 ft-lb)
Pontiac 1963 421 cu in - Rated 405 hp        (Results 488 hp / 470 ft-lb)
Chevy 1967 427 cu in - Rated 425 hp          (Results 527 hp / 501 ft-lb)
Ford 1963 427 cu in - Rated 425 hp            (Results 637 hp / 554 ft-lb)
Chrysler 1966 426 cu in - Rated 425 hp      (Results 820 hp / 689 ft-lb)

I highly recommend that if you ever get the chance...... well you know what to do.




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