Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Nanny Statists Still Trying

To find justification for "banning" corporal punishment and criminalizing parents who exert force on their children.

In THIS stilted piece of faux journalism ....   we see  some specious assertions based on non existent research. The gist of it is that Spanking Causes Mental Illness!

But of course .... unless you consider that it is nascent psychological problems that require the use of force  to control. Short of equipping parents with emergency supplies of psychotropic drugs, the use of corporal punishment and physical restraint is the best method of redirecting the focus of crazed children.

Quite the opposite of the nurse nanny types who would happily drug every child they can get their meddling talons on.

If there is in fact any correlation between spanking and adult mental disorders ... it is the mental disorders that were there in the first place. Which no doubt, would lead the factually and logically challenged busy bodies to claim this as some proof that "spanking" does not work. However, this would simply be another example of the perpetually wrong liberal mind.

First of all ... all children are psychopaths. The only difference between one and another is the extent to which the real world rules over the impulses and fantasies that are the stuff of juvenile being.

It is the parents prerogative to decide what behaviour will or will not be tolerated and in what circumstances. In the same manner, it is the parent's responsibility to enforce standards of behaviour and to discourage aberrant behaviours. In enough cases that entire generations of would be juvenile tyrants were discouraged from indulging their natural psychopathic whims frequently enough to instill some sense of personal limitations and consequences for antisocial behaviour.

The fact of the matter is that spanking is not intended to be a cure for anything but the immediate irrational outburst that needs to be checked. It may be that in some cases this preemption of self indulgent outbursts may possibly block the development of this sort of behaviour into lifelong habits.

If anything, when a child that is prone to these sort of outbursts dose not respond to the use of physical restraint and corporal punishment .... you just might GET a CLUE that there is a deeper issue that actually does require professional intervention.

Parents who fail to understand their responsibility do no one any good. And, relinquishing responsibility to meddlesome bureaucratic minded busy bodies is no answer because it does nothing to instill any responsibility into the people who stand to benefit from this sense the most.



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