Friday, August 03, 2012

Sun TV News ... What's the Difference?

When the arrival of Sun TV news was first announced there was a lot of hoopla from all corners about the value this development would represent in our media landscape.

The mainstream media and their fans in the progressosphere of liberals and the rest of  that ilk were frothing at their collective mouth ... spewing every possible epithet and slander possible. Basically dredged up from their swamp fever imaginations of a world controlled by some sort of evangelical fascist sort of propaganda machine that would be  beaming fearsome ideas somehow into their permeable little heads.

The RIGHT side of Canadian Society basically wanted to see ANYTHING that wasn't tainted by the anti-conservative and dystopian views of the existing MSM.

The promoters of the new network were promising to be BETTER than the agenda driven propagators of manufactured opinion who claim to speak FOR us all.

Well .... THIS skeptical blogger was not convinced of anything. And, as it turns out all of my doubts about Sun TV have been pretty much validated.

First - Sun TV news network derives it's internal resources from the Sun Publications group which has none of the fundamental stuff that makes for good reporting, intelligent editorials or informed opinion.
Second - The production and on air staff pool is a collection of half baked media hacks and pompous windbags. A motley crew of mediocrities with no depth and no history of having any character or intelligence.
Third - There was never any reason to expect that this effort to  run a counter agenda program to the status-quo of liberal propagandist media would behave any differently than the rest of the bottom feeding Mainstream Media.

The latest piece of journalistic poopoo from Sun TV rivaled the lowest of the commonplace contrivances we see on a daily basis from the likes of CBC/CTV and the common print outlets.
Yesterday on Byline with Brian Lilley ... the program was a rush to report on how CBC is wasting taxpayer dollars on the losing proposition of buying the broadcast rights to the Olympics.
This may be a reasonable point of view and a subject worth investigating. But, Lilley and the Byline producers did virtually NO investigating and plenty of opinionating without a damned bit of factual information to back up a prime time half witted rant about the CBC. Adding insult to injury for those of us with any amount of  observational or comprehensional ability was the manner in which they cut into a bit of recorded programming from the Adler program ... where Chuck had a guest on to talk about the money losing proposition  FOR HOST CITIES and Countries. Let me be clear about this ... the intent of that segue into the other program material was to support the argument that Broadcasting the Olympics is a money loser. There was no effort to show the context of the other material either before or after the insertion of the video. In short ... this was a deliberate misrepresentation of a separate story and issue used to manufacture the appearance of having facts to support an unsupported report.

In short Makin Shit Up .... just like the rest of the media.

Aside from launching counter arguments to the rest of the MSM and calling BS on leftwing pols, activists and the rest of the usual suspects from the fantasyland side of society .... Sun News has done nothing to improve the quality of information or analysis or even entertainment provided through the idiot box or the digital news feeds.


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