Monday, September 10, 2012

Boomers ... Deserve more Contempt than Respect

Fluke's parents are boomers ... I have no respect for most of my generation with good reason.

When I hear some kid bad mouth MY generation it is usually for something that really does not matter. Once in a while you might get a bit of sense in the genxyz opinions. This typically happens when they realize that the main reason they can't afford anything is because of boomers. Sometimes one of the precious little people will make the connection between the taxes they are going to pay and the fact that boomers have basically sucked up all the resources that were supposed to be dedicated to things like pensions and health care.

But the REAL thing they should be pissed off about is the fact that so many boomers raised so many snot nosed entitlement pigs and just pigs in general. Like the 30 year old juvenile Sandra Fluke.



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