Thursday, November 15, 2012

Your Happy Socialist Paradise

Hearts and Minds ....

The Northwestern Marxist Conference held on Chicago (naturally) was attended by a significant number of public school teachers from near and far.

NBC News was there too.

It seems though that when confronted by a non MSM reporter on the scene ... the NBC hack was offended to have it pointed out to him that the real story was WHO was attending the conference rather than the sideshow protest outside.

For a glimpse into how serious the Marxists are about coopting the education system go to the link provided to LI and check out the comments on the matter.

It is no coincidence that in Canada most Teachers are NDP (communist) supporters.
The first reason is that they see the sinecure of benefits and pensions through collective strong arming of the tax paying public. The second and more insidious is the creeping groupthink and uniformity of thought that has evolved as the teachers and their union leadership swim ever more deeply into the marxist fold. This group conformity (they may call it "solidarity" when challenged) is compelling to ignorant and morally weak administrations and politicians who are generally incapable of challenging the teachers. The teachers themselves become ever less accountable in the matter of their own quality of education and ability to communicate as they are allowed to become simple parrots of groupspeak.

The result is a failure of the education system to provide the critical tools of rational analytical and critcal thinking.
As the content of what is taught in our schools wanders away from proper use of language and from effective training in the use of mathematics and understanding of physical sciences. As instruction in cultural history is confused through revisionism and through meaningless distractions such as propaganda from the feminist and the so called  "gay" special interests. With the substitution of  "alternative" views for factual studies and even through the outright elimination of any historical reality that contradicts the "progressive" world view the marxist agenda has propagated.

What has happened in Canada over the last 40 years as an incremental slide into the destruction of the rational aspect of our childrens education is becoming a cascade of forced change in the USA.

From the LI comments a knowledgable observation:

Anne-so glad you went to the conference. Chicago has been Ground Zero for the Marxist Theory of the Mind since Joseph Dietzgen, the actual creator of the phrase, Dialectical Materialism, moved there in the late 1800s.
Plus there is George Herbert Mead’s work and the creation of the Behavioral Sciences there in the late 1940s.
I worry though that people assume a Marxist teacher is about what is taught. It is actually how. What it takes to have a mind dominated by emotional impulses instead of the rational, abstract capability. ..........

It absolutely dominates Obama’s ed reforms for both K-12 and higher ed. Also the Standards for Teaching and Learning which is what Obama refers to in his speeches as the real common core was created in the early 90s in Chicago. With Joyce funding (where he was on the board) and then later funding from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge that he directed.
We make a mistake not appreciating how much a Marxist, openly acknowledged or not, wants being to dictate thinking. And the mind to be weak in comparison to the heart as the driver of action.

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Blogger Riverman said...

There was a good article in Macleans recently about teachers' socialist indoctrination of our children.

11/16/2012 11:45 a.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Yep ... saw that at the docs office.

11/16/2012 4:37 p.m.  

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