Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Even NOW!

Mainstream Media Hacks like John Iveson can't and won't do basic math.

As far as figuring out that ONE plane costs ONE figure PER YEAR to own and maintain... and that adding up 30 years of ONE figure gives a bigger number than 20 years... and that the Cost of that plane for each year ... has NEVER changed. 

Yes! 16.3 million bucks a year is a LOT of money. BUT ... you are not going to get a better bang for your buck ... ANYWHERE.  Bang for the Buck is what it IS all about.

Buying F-35s ....

Who cares what commies like the NDP's Mulcair say about government spending? And who in their right mind gives any credence to the bald faced lies they tell?

Memo to the MSM .... Grow UP ... Grow a PAIR ... Get a BRAIN.



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