Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Maple Caper Resolved

LOOKs  like the QPP and RCMP along with CBSA and the US customs folks uncovered the smuggling operation ... the "let's get rid of this mess" part of the scheme.
No word yet on WHO the perps are and of course the media boobs are still using the term "alleged crime".

There is however, a take away from the theft of bout 2.7 million kilos of maple syrup, worth up to $18 million.

Quebec maple sugar barons are a lot like OPEC.

1- The Maple Producers of Quebec  keep a "strategic" stockpile of 20 million kilograms (44 million pounds) of sugar syrup. Worth  $120 million

2- This makes the stated value approximately 6 bucks per kilo. Last time I bought real syrup at a retail store, the price was about 10 times that.

3- Quebec produces up to 80% of the world supply of maple sugar syrup.

NOTE: Some farmers in SW Ontario sell direct for about $6 to $10 a liter.

I'm going to make some pancakes .... cheers!



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