Monday, December 10, 2012

Open Letter to MSM ...

Personally ... I had no intention of commenting on this fiasco at all ... but then came across this rather succinct summation of the whole deal:

On The Occasion Of The British Nurse's "Death By DJ"

You sons of bitches in media - from the local to the mainstream - snickered along with glee as you retailed the Australian DJ hoax call to a world-wide audience.
Without your intervention and amplification, the incident would have died on the local airwaves. It was not "their" hoax call, it was yours as well. Own it.
Now, if you would, take the sober, sanctimonious noises you've been making and shove 'em where the sun don't shine.
That is all. 

On the simple matter of radio shows doing prank calls .... It occurred to me that this is the last refuge of ratings seeking losers as they scrape the bottom of the barrel. Even in Winnipeg this fad passed decades ago ( probably hastened into extinction by the number of F@ck Offs and stone cold hang ups in response to the knobs efforts to mess with people ).

Plainly the fact that this went into the global market had a lot to do with social media .... but it also had a lot to do with the mainstream media clowns and their eagerness to cash in on the low life stunt.

Once it became an embarrassment .... they tried to turn it around and play it as if they owned the moral high ground in some way.

The MSM ....Assholes ....... all of you.


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